Old Fashioned Heating with Modern Flair

For centuries homes were kept warm with woodheaters more commonly known as fire places. People would go into forests, cut down trees, and chop them into manageable logs for burning. Progress and technological advances lead to heating with oil, electricity, natural gas, and propane. It was easier, faster, and cleaner. Those resources are quickly dwindling, constantly raising in price, and leading families to seek better alternatives.

Full Circle

More and more families are coming to the conclusion that a wood heater in the home will be more efficient. It will also be cheaper and keep the family comfortably warm without heating costs spiraling out of control. It is interesting that the population has come full circle and is considering a wood heater as a viable alternative to modern ways of heating. Now, wood is not likely to replace the convenience of other methods, but it is being used to supplement heat and reduce high energy costs.

New Models

The increase in demand for wood heaters has prompted manufacturers of australian made units to design new models. Sleek exteriors, large viewing panes, and optional fans are available on built-in and free standing heaters. The variety of sizes and styles means needs and preferences can be accommodated for the vast majority of homeowners. Customized units are also offered for those who wish to have a model that is one-of-a-kind.


Advanced manufacturing technology, in-house design teams, and increased capacity translates to high-quality products that are built to last. A ten-year warranty on all fireboxes reflects the manufacturer confidence in the craftsmanship. Accessories, such as log holders, screens, and tool kits are also offered.

Models can be used indoors or out and can be built-in or free standing. Selection assistance is available from experienced staff to help owners find the right size for the space and needs. Sizing makes a significant difference in maximizing benefits. Flexible financing options are offered as well to provide more homeowners with the opportunity to manage heating costs.

Factory Direct

It is worth the time and research effort to find a manufacturer that sells models directly to customers instead of via separate retailers. The deep discounted pricing will be worth a visit to a physical store location. This method eliminates high markups in pricing to cover the overhead costs and desired profits of retailers. There are a few manufacturers that offer direct sales to save customers money. Once they are identified, compare pricing, products, and warranties to get the best deal.

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